Early School Radio Shows — 17 December 2013
Put Kids Ahead of Holiday Rush

 Why it’s important to make the holiday season chaos a family affair.

Putting Kids First During The Holiday Rush

From holiday shopping, to kids concerts, to decorating, baking and more, this time of year is chaotic.  And while we might be more efficient getting it all done without kids in tow, we should bring them along for the ride says Dr. Harley Rotbart, author of No Regrets Parenting.

“Include the kids in your chaos. That is, when you’re running around buying gifts, when you’re running around buying decorations, shopping for the family dinner, include your kids in those activities and then even more importantly, carve out a niche during the holiday time itself where just you and your kids, just your nuclear family, is together. It may only be for a few minutes, but establish a special set of moments within the chaos that’s set aside for your kids just to ground them and to ground yourself from all of the noise that surrounds you.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Harley Rotbart, author of No Regrets Parenting.

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