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Discussing TV and Movies

 How a little shared TV time can you closer to your kids.

Discussing TV and Movies

Sometimes it’s easy to think of TV shows or movies as something that is separate from family time.  But if we sit and watch with our children, we can experience the shows together and share our thoughts and ideas about what we’re seeing on the screen with our kids, suggests Sara Dimerman, author of Character is Key. “TV and movies can be used as wonderful opportunities to springboard into age appropriate discussions about positive and negative displays of character, and you can invite your children to talk to you about what they’re seeing. As parents we’re not always aware about some of the indirect subtle messages that children are getting from TV. We need to be more aware of and we need to spend more time sitting and watching those programs with our kids so that we can become aware of what they’re exposed to, but also to have that opportunity to springboard into discussion.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Sara Dimerman, author of Character is Key.

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