Baby Early School Radio Shows Safety Safety — 09 December 2013
Toy Batteries and Safety

What every parent  must consider when purchasing kids’ toys for gift-giving.

Toy Batteries

At this time of year there is a lot of toy shopping going on.  One thing we need to consider when purchasing toys for children under is the “three S guide” which stands for size of object, surface of a toy and whether it has strings. Dr. Bruce Minnes, ER Physician, Hospital for Sick Children elaborates. “Typically if a product is small or can break easily into small parts, a child under the age of three shouldn’t use it or play with it. We look for the presence of strings or cords that could come off and perhaps choke a child or strangle them, and we look at the surface of the object. Is it smooth? Does it have sharp edges? Does it have openings that small finger could get caught in or could lacerate or scratch a child.”And when it comes to young children, avoiding toys with small batteries and magnets is a must. “In the case of magnets, for instance, if multiple magnets are swallowed, then they can attract each other through different layers of the intestinal system and cause blockages or obstructions or actual perforations in the wall of the bowel.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Bruce Minnes, ER Physician, Hospital for Sick Children elaborates.

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