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After School Activities

Getting a handle on children’s extracurricular activities.

After School Activities

When it comes to the school years, extracurricular activities play a big role in children’s education.  It’s a chance for them to explore learning about areas not often covered in any depth at school. But after-school activities can backfire if not thought out and chosen with care. Carl Honore, author of Under Pressure elaborates. “Extra-curricular activities are wonderful and I think everybody should be doing them, but most of us, I think, should probably be doing less. I think for every family it’s about sitting down and working out how many extra-curriculars make sense for our family because there’s no universal recipe.  One family might be comfortable with each child doing three activities, another with each child doing one.  But the real litmus test, the real marker is why the activity is being done in the first place. It has to be something the child really has a passion for, really has a yearning to do, otherwise, it’s just going through the motions.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Carl Honore, author of Under Pressure.
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