Early School Health Radio Shows — 29 January 2014
Fear of Poor Health

Why kids can sometimes be afraid of doctors and illness.

Kids & Health Anxieties

Has your child started to tell you that she’s afraid of going to the doctor?  Or maybe afraid of getting sick?  Believe it or not, it’s a common fear for children when they reach a certain age and stage explains Cynthia Last, author of Help for Worried Kids.  “Usually around five years of age you’ll start to see children concerned about something bad happening to their physical integrity. That’s also when you begin to see some medical fears, so if they had to have blood drawn they’d be concerned. They’re worried about something happening to themselves. “Here’s what to do when children become afraid of having poor health or things like doctors and needles.”You don’t want to scoff at a kid, you don’t want to minimize their concern about the situation. What you want to do is acknowledge that they’re having scared feelings, but encourage them to confront, in whatever way they can, the situation that’s posing the anxiety for them.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Cynthia Last, author of Help for Worried Kids.
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