Family Life Parents Radio Shows — 28 January 2014
One Easy Step to Eliminate Cold & Flu Bugs

What kind of soap is best for keeping bugs at bay?


When it comes right down to it, there’s not a simpler and better way to keep our children and ourselves healthy than by handwashing. But sometimes we can complicate things a little too much by adding antibacterial soaps to the mix. But in fact antibacterial soaps can create a whole new set of problems says Dr. Karen Bartlett, Professor in Environmental Health, at UBC. “I actually do not support putting antibacterial agents into everything. Soap and water is absolutely perfect for cleaning your hands and because we know bacteria have the ability to develop resistance to different kinds of antibacterials, then the less we put in our environment, the less bacteria are going to develop resistances to them. So I highly recommend soap and water for hands and very simple cleaning products for the home.”

Dr. Karen Bartlett, Professor in Environmental Health, at UBC.
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