Baby Family Life Radio Shows — 02 January 2014
Help During Newborn Period

 How to get the help that you really need. 

Help During the Newborn Period

For most new parents, adapting to life with a newborn is challenging, and having a little extra help would be a blessing. But before you jump at a friend or relative’s offer to lend a helping hand, stop and think about what you need, suggests family life instructor Kim Marsden. “If you have help that’s coming to live with you when you have a new baby, you might want to talk to  our partner first about when you want the help.  Do you want to have the help immediately, or would you like a week or so to just bond and be together?  By the end of that week you’re probably thrilled to have anyone come in who looks like they’re at all competent with a vacuum cleaner or spatula.  I think again being clear with comments like “I think the baby and I will have a nap right now, but gee, dinner isn’t even ready” will hopefully lead to your relative such as a mother-in-law happily making dinner and being very supportive.  But you have to be clear about what it is you’re hoping they’ll do.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is family life instructor Kim Marsden.

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