Behavior Early School Radio Shows — 15 January 2014
No Debate Limits

How to set limits without a fight.

No Debate Limits

When you lay down a rule in your home, are you up for a fight? While there is a time and place for discussion with our kids, there is also a time when rules are rules and debating those rules isn’t part of the picture says Mike Nichols, author of Stop Arguing With Your Kids.

“Setting limits, when it comes down to it, needs to be done with no discussion. It’s just, ‘here’s the rule’. Some parents make the mistake of trying to justify their rules and limits, especially with young children, offering reasons why children should do something suggests that the reasons are open to debate. For instance, telling a small child why it’s important for her to go to bed at a certain time is kind of a misguided notion because the reasons often are too far in the future for the child to understand and the parent who thinks she should provide reasons may be well intentioned, but they’re setting up a debate.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Mike Nichols, author of Stop Arguing With Your Kids.
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