Education Radio Shows Teen — 21 January 2014
Stress for Today’s Students

Why today’s high school students feel so stressed out.

Students & Stress

Some studies have shown that today’s high school students feel a great deal of anxiety and stress, with nearly 30% saying that they’re losing sleep because of worries. Many feel the pressure to excel because our world is becoming increasingly competitive. Adam Cox, Author of No Mind Left Behind  elaborates. “We now live in a world that is dominated by values of productivity and efficiency, and those values have trickled down into the lives of children and they also are affected by the kids of stresses that are associated with lives that are built around the need to be productive and efficient. The difference is that children don’t have the words to articulate that stress, but they’re effected by those things.” Adam adds that the clearer students’ goals are, the more they can tackle them. “So often when kids procrastinate or seem to have problems with productivity, the problem is that they don’t really have a sense of where they’re going.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Adam Cox, Author of No Mind Left Behind.
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