Early School Radio Shows Safety — 09 January 2014
Winter Head Injuries

Why having kids don a helmet when enjoying winter sports is a must.

Winter Head Injuries

Winter is a great time to enjoy sports like skiing, sledding, and skating. But as fun as these winter sports are, so can they be dangerous, which is why winter sports need the right equipment, particularly when it comes to helmets. Emergency room pediatrician with the Hospital for Sick Children, Dr. Bruce Minnes elaborates on winter sports and head injuries. “Winter time head injuries are among the more common ones because so many people engage in outdoor winter sports such as skating, snowboarding and skiing. And of all the injuries that occur in those sports, head injuries are the most common cause of death in children.” And when it comes to head injuries, a trip to the ER is really a must if any of these symptoms are present. “Anything where there is a lot of bruising, pain or swelling around the head, certainly if there’s a loss of consciousness or alteration in the child’s ability to think or communicate, those children should be seen in the emergency department.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is family life instructor Emergency room pediatrician with the Hospital for Sick Children, Dr. Bruce Minnes.

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