Development Early School Radio Shows — 12 February 2014
Raising Kids Who Care

Its up to us as parents to raise children who care about others in the world around them.

Conscious Kids

We’ve all met those children and young people who are aware and caring about the world around them…and you may wonder how did they become so aware?  Well, they probably weren’t born that way, rather they were raised in families where awareness and caring was a part of everyday conversations explains Adam Cox, author of No Mind Left Behind. “One of the ways that we really cultivate conscience is by encouraging discussion in the family about important social or community types of topics. So we look for any type of opportunity we can to cultivate conscious and then encourage him to not only recognize the feelings of others but to ask ‘how should we react to the is event that’s happened. What can you do to make a difference for this other person?” And there are a lot of benefits to raising kids who are socially conscience. “When we have greater empathy for other people through a more developed social conscience, we’re much more inclined to make connections with other people. We’re simply more inclined to communicate with them.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Adam Cox, author of No Mind Left Behind.
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