Behavior Early School Radio Shows — 14 February 2014
How to Teach Respect to Children

Why there’ more to raising kids who are respectful than meets the eye.

Teaching Respectfulness

We all want a little respect, and as parents, many of us expect it from our children. But what does respect really mean?  In the past it equaled obedience, but not so anymore.  Today respect has a much broader meaning, explains Sara Dimerman author of Character is Key. “Respect, I believe, is really about regard for another person, and it could even be about positive self-regard. So showing respect to one-self and showing respect to other people means that, like empathy, you put yourself in that other person’s shoes and think “how would I feel if I was being treated or dealt with this way.” Sara reminds us that children also need to be respected by their parents. “I think children, now-a-days, especially as they grow older, realize that they have valid points of view and often we hear really amazing things from our kids that we night not have heard if we squash them.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Sara Dimerman author of Character is Key.
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