Is sleepwalking something to be concerned about? 


Has your child ever suffered from a night terror – appearing to be wide awake and in a state of fear. Moments later, back a sleep without any recollection of this harmless event? Well, the cousin to night terrors is sleep walking, explains Dr. Jonathan Flemming with the UBC Sleep Clinic. “Sleepwalking is particularly common in very young children, and like sleep terrors it is an arousal phenomenon, so it’s coming up from the deeper stages of sleep to fuller alertness, and the person engages in activity.  Like sleep terrors, the person usually goes back to sleep fairly rapidly and they don’t have any recollection during the daytime.  The key here is not to point out that they did something unusual or humorous during the nighttime that they might be embarrassed about.  Just ignore it as much as possible because isolated sleep walking events do occur.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Jonathan Flemming with the UBC Sleep Clinic.
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