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Socializing Shy Kids

A few tips on socializing shy children. 

Socializing Shy Kids

Is your child a little on the shy side?  Well, if you want your shrinking violet to blossom and feel more confident with new people and places, you may need to plan those play dates and other social gatherings with your child’s temperament in mind, says Richard Guare (Gware), co-author “Smart But Scattered”.  ”For children who are somewhat socially reticent, for example, are mildly anxious in social situation, carefully planning those things are real important.  Typically, children like that won’t be really comfortable in a large group situation so you might arrange play-dates where there’s one peer available.  You might structure the time so there’s not a lot of emphasis on open-ended social interaction, but there’s more of an opportunity to engage in a structured game, or in a lot of cases we recommend that the adult be around to basically help the interaction to kind of coach the child through the interaction so that it works for both kids. ”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Cynthia Last, author of Help for Worried Kids.
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