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Teething Relief

Tips for helping babies who experience teething discomfort.

Teething & Discomfort

Usually around 6 or 7 months babies cut their first tooth and by the time they’re three, most toddlers will have all 20 of their baby teeth. With all those new teeth some babies may have a few symptoms explains Dr. Jeremy Friedman, author of “Canada’s Toddler Care Book”. “When you look at children round about the time the tooth comes through there might be a tiny little bit of fever, obviously some increased saliva and secretions in the mouth, there might be a desire to bite on something, and a little bit of discomfort. “Dr. Freidman offers a few suggestions on how to help a teething baby’s discomfort. “The most helpful thing for discomfort from teething would be biting on a cold teething ring.  If it really seems to be bothering them you can give them an occasional dose of something like ibprophen, but generally speaking we don’t encourage the teething gels because they do have some potential side effects and they’re not terribly affective. ”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Jeremy Friedman, author of “Canada’s Toddler Care Book”.
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