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The Single Parent Fun Trap

Keeping family time real, when it comes to divorce

Single Parent Fun Trap

If you’re a divorced parent, time with your child is generally more limited.  And the less time you spend together, the more the temptation is to be a good-time mom or dad.  But experts and kids agree, they want a real parent – not just one who takes them to Disneyland as Mark Ackerman, author of Does Wed. Mean Mom’s House or Dad’s? explains. “It’s important for parents to be able to be able to engage in all of the parenting activities because that’s what a parent-child relationship is all about, and that’s frankly, what parents want to model for their children. When they go and spend time with the other parent there is enough time that discipline will have to take place, they’ll have to deal with homework, they’ll have to deal with chores, with activities, and may also go to Disneyland, but that’ not going to be the only thing they do. It can’t be a situation when one parent acts like a parent and the other parent acts like a pal or a friend and does just fun things. ”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Mark Ackerman, author of Does Wed. Mean Mom’s House or Dad’s?
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