Emotions and Learning

 The connection between emotional intelligence and communication skills.

Emotions and Learning

Turns out that how well our children do academically, or how well they do with their IQ scores doesn’t predict their success in life.  It’s how well they tune into and relate to others on an emotional level. Adam Cox, author of No Mind Left Behind elaborates on emotional intelligence. “Emotional Intelligence has a lot to do about sensing the emotions of other people and knowing how to respond to those emotions in constructive and appropriate ways. We have to remember that social communication is not just about knowing the right words, but it’s also about non-verbal communication and about sensing the social cues or the non-verbal communication cues of other people so that we can understand what a person’s facial expression might mean, we understand what body language might mean. All kinds of important cues that really help you understand what that phrase means to the person who said it.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Adam Cox, author of No Mind Left Behind.
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