Helping Kids Who Fail

Helping kids who don’t make the grade and give up on learning.

Helping Kids Who Fail

For some kids, success in school eludes them.  These are bright kids, but their gifts and learning styles may not mesh well with how academics are taught.  Not only are they not being rewarded like other students are, but according to Richard Selznick, author of The Shut Down Learner they’re often experience teasing and embarrassment. “They’re getting the sideways glances, they’re getting the snickers.  The other kids are having their tanks filled on a daily basis with a good grade on the top of the page, good test scores and parents that are happy that they’re going to college and everything else. These kids are harder to find this for.” Richard adds these kids need and want approval. “95 to 99% of the shut-down learner style of the kids that I’ve met want to succeed.  They’re not looking to do damage to the school, not looking to undermine the teachers. They’re looking for recognition. You can see it when I test the children.  They brighten up when I say ‘boy, you did a great job on that puzzle.  You did a great job with those blocks.  They’re like “wow, really?”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Richard Selznick, author of The Shut Down Learner.

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