Early School Education — 15 May 2014
Prepping Pre-schoolers for Formal Education

How to prepare your preschool child for their formal education.

Preparing Pre-Schoolers

Is your preschoolers planning to attend kindergarten in the fall? You might be thinking it’s time to learn the ABC’s and numbers.  But really, it’s the simple things that we can do with them everyday that makes children ready for the school experience, says Richard Guare, author of Smart But Scattered.  “Giving them choices, offering them chances to make different selections of foods they prefer, or showing them how to organize their environment a little bit by creating situations where we help them put their toys away helps prepare them. But we also create an organizational structure for them so that they begin to learn that things have a place to go in. For example, it would be things such as teaching that crayons go in this particular box, the trucks go in this box, dirty clothes go in the laundry hamper over here.  Give them opportunities to see that the environment that we live in has a certain organization and they can begin to use that organization for themselves.

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The Parent Report’s guest expert is Richard Guare, author of Smart But Scattered.

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