School Readiness

 What every preschooler needs to know now, for school in the fall.

School Readiness

Starting formal education is a big transition for children and preparing them now is only going to help them succeed when they start school in the fall.   Spending time on activities like reading to them will help children learn to focus, a skill that will make them school ready. Sharon Hall, author of “Raising Kids in the 21st Century” elaborates. “School readiness rests upon a few central factors with your children’s development. One important factor is for a child to have the ability to maintain focus. So parents have to watch for ways to help their children develop this skill. As an example, all schools will expect a child to be able to stay in a chair and to pay attention for as long as ten minutes on one task. These are important markers to indicate a child’s readiness for school.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Sharon Hall, author of “Raising Kids in the 21st Century.”

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