Stuttering and Toddlers

Is toddler stuttering a concern or normal language development.

Stuttering and Toddlers

Imagine not being able to express yourself in words for years, and then finally acquiring the skills to do so?  It’s what happens to toddlers, and by the time they’ve mastered many words and short sentences they have so much they want to tell us that they trip over their words, explains Dr. Jeremy Freidman, Author of Canada’s Toddler Care Book. “I think to some extent stuttering is a normal developmental phase that a lot of children will go through.  They have a lot to say and they want to say it very quickly, and that often results in a little bit of a stutter.” Here’s how to help you toddler control their stuttering. “I think that in terms of parents noticing children stuttering, I think what they want to do is really just talk slowly to their children, encourage their children to slow down a little bit, and really not get overly anxious unless it starts to become really disabling from a functional point of view.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Jeremy Freidman, Author of Canada’s Toddler Care Book.
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