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Toddler Language Development

 Is your toddler’s language developing on time?

Toddler Language Development

Watching children develop their language skills is really exciting. In the course of just a couple of years a child goes from a cooing, babbling baby to one who actually communicates in words explains Dr. Jeremy Freidman, Author of Canada’s Toddler Care Book. “By the time they get to their second birthday, they’re probably up to a vocabulary of about 50 words, and they’re actually starting to string the words together into 2 and 4 word sentences. They should be starting to refer to themselves by their own name, and probably at least half the time, people outside of parents should be able to understand what they’re trying to say.”And parents can help these language skills grow in everyday ways. “The best thing that you can do is interact directly with them and that means talking to them on a regular basis, singing to them, reading to them, pointing out things and telling them what they are, what they’re used for, etc., is probably the single best way of developing their language. ”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Jeremy Freidman, Author of Canada’s Toddler Care Book.
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