Early School Radio Shows — 17 June 2014
Benefits of Pets

Why pets are such a great addition to a family. 

Benefits of Pets

Have you or your children been hankering for a pet?   Whether it’s an iguana, a fish, a gerbil, cat or dog, pets add a lot to our lives like teaching our kids a sense of responsibility.  But that’s not all says Sarah Dimmerman, Author of Character is the Key. “Pet ownership is not just about responsibility, it’s about respect, it’s about empathy and I think pets bring something so special into children and families’ lives in the way that human beings can’t.  So I believe pets are wonderful if you can have them.”And here’s an idea on how to find out if a pet is right for your family.  ”Offer to cat or dog sit for another family.  If they’re thinking of getting an animal themselves, just to give the children an opportunity to realize the amount of work that is required in owning a pet. Sometimes that gives parents an opportunity to see how their children will act too, even though it’s just for a short period of time.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Sarah Dimmerman, Author of Character is the Key.

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