Early School Nutrition Radio Shows — 16 September 2014
Advertising and Nutrition

Why educating our kids about advertising is good for their health. 

Advertising and Nutrition

Watch TV aimed at kids and you’ll see plenty of ads aimed at kids, and many of those advertisements are selling foods that may not be so good for their growing bodies. It’s why parents need to have a conversation with kids about the link between commercials and poor eating habits, suggests Daina Kalnins, author of Better Food For Kids.

” I think that there’s a big role that parents have to play in educating their children, and talking about advertising and what advertising means by explaining that basically, what’s being sold to people may not actually be what the product is.  In other words, make them a little more commercial savvy. And it’s never really too early to start that. Fortunately, in our schools they’re starting to do a lot of that as well by talking about what advertising is and then the essentials of basically, what good nutrition is and how that fits in with the message that’s being played out by that product.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Daina Kalnins, author of Better Food For Kids.

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