Early School Radio Shows — 30 September 2014
Ear Infections & Hearing Loss

A look at the many causes of hearing loss and impairment in children.

Causes of Hearing Loss

When it comes to hearing loss, the elderly usually come to mind. But hearing loss can and does happen in children of any age and for many reasons.  Rex Banks, Chief Audiologist with The Canadian Hearing Society tell us why hearing loss can occur in children. ” One of the more common causes are ear infections. For children under four years of age, this is something that should be monitored, so that if they’re tugging at their ears or looking like they’re in pain at all, you should have that checked out. But there are also genetic factors that can cause hearing loss in children; inter-uterine infection such as rubella, or toxins that are consumed by the mother during pregnancy. At birth, if there’s a lack of oxygen or if the child is premature, if they develop meningitis, high fever, mumps, measles, and any kind of head injury, these are all things that could give a child hearing loss at a very early age. ”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Rex Banks, Chief Audiologist with The Canadian Hearing Society.

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