Behavior Early School Radio Shows — 19 September 2014
Setting Limits on Screen Time

What kids are really missing when they’re stuck in front of a TV.

Setting Limits on Screen Time

Stats tell us children spend an average of four hours a day watching TV.  That means that outside of sleep, children spend more time watching TV than any other activity. And by the time they graduate high school, kids will have spent more hours in front of a screen than in the classroom. As Nicholas Long, co-author of Parenting Strong Willed Children explains, all that time in front of a screen is taking them away from real life.

“As parents we often think about the negative things that children see on that screen and that’s important.  But what’s equally as important is what children are not doing when they spend all that time in front of the screen, and that is interacting with other children, and learning how to make up rules, and learning about imaginative play, and reading.  Those things are very important to healthy child development, and so parents need to set limits on how much time children spend in front of the screen each day.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is  Nicholas Long, co-author of Parenting Strong Willed Children.

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