Early School Family Life Radio Shows — 26 September 2014
Styles of Discipline

A look at the most effective discipline and parenting style for kids.

Styles of Discipline

When it comes to limit setting and guiding our kids, not all discipline styles are equal.  Some parents equate discipline to punishment, others take a lassez-faire approach and others find the right balance. John Westland social worker with the Hospital for Sick Children elaborates. ” In general, if parents take what I call an ‘authoritative stance’ with their kids, things tend to go much better. By ‘authoritative’ I mean a parent makes age-appropriate demands on their son or daughter, and is also responsive to them. Things go much poorer when parents take an authoritarian’ perspective, the old ‘my way or the highway’, or a permissive approach where they aren’t demanding at all of their son or daughter, or a worst case scenario where a parent is more rejecting and neglecting, where they’re not demanding anything out of them or responding to their needs.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is John Westland social worker with the Hospital for Sick Children.

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