Early School Education Radio Shows — 15 September 2014
Young Kids and Computers

Can computer time make our children more literate?  We’ll find out next on The Parent Report.

Young Kids & Computers

Well over 80% of households now have computers, and many homes have more than one. While computers take up time that in the past children would have spent on reading, we can still use computer time to build up their reading skills says Cathy Puett-Miller, author of Anytime Reading Readiness. ” The reality is computers are a part of a lot of homes and a growing number of homes, and the great thing is, it is helping children become more visually oriented. But what we want to do is to celebrate the idea that reading happens everywhere.  We read when we go on the computer and play games; there are usually directions there.  So if we’re pointing out to our children, even toddlers, that we’re going to play a game and that the words will tell us how to do it, then we are going to be exposing our children to the fact that reading really is everywhere and is in fact, a tool for life.”


The Parent Report’s guest expert is Cathy Puett-Miller, author of Anytime Reading Readiness.

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