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Boys & Body Image

Why it’s important to talk about body image with our sons.

Boys and Body Image

At one time, the media’s portrayal of the perfect body was only a concern for girls.   Today, even boys are inundated with images of what it is to have the perfect body – six pack and all.  And just like with our daughters, our sons need to hear that these images are unrealistic says Linda Gordon, co-author of Why Boys Don’t Talk and Why It Matters. ” We need to counteract the idea that boys have to have a perfect six pack.  I think with boys, stressing to them that steroids are not okay with athletes may help parents to counteract this. What we had in the last many years is boys have been bombarded with images of athletes that have bodies that are larger than what they would have  had they not augmented it with drugs.   And so parents have to point out to their sons that this is not realistic and that this is an ideal that is not good for them.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Ann Douglas, author of The Mother of All Toddler Books.

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