Chicken Pox Vaccine

How many doses of chicken pox vaccine are needed?

Chicken Pox Vaccine

At one time, nearly all children got covered in the tell-tale itchy red spots of chicken pox. While for most, chicken pox came and went with little fanfare, a small percentage experienced complications. But with the chicken pox vaccine the disease is now preventable. Dr. Monika Naus with the BC Center for Disease Control elaborates.

“Chicken pox is a very good vaccine. It’s a live attenuated vaccine and it protects about 85% of children from getting chicken pox, and the remaining 15% of children, after a single does, might get a mild form of chicken pox at some point in the future, but their chicken pox will be much less severe than if they hadn’t been vaccinated. We have recommendations now that are relatively new from the National Advisory Committee on Immunization that for best protection, children should receive two doses of the chicken pox vaccine.”

The Parent Report’s guest is Dr. Monika Naus, Medical Director of Immunization Programs with the BC Center for Disease Control.

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