Kids and Chores

The real reason for having kids partake in household chores.

Kids and Chores

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s just easier to do household tasks ourselves.  I mean, when we ask kids to do a chore, it often takes twice as long and the end results aren’t necessarily pretty.  But getting our kids to do chores is more than about getting jobs done; it’s about teaching them an important life skills says Dr. Michael Thompson, author of Homesick and Happy. “When parents ask their kids to do chores, they are building the steps towards independence. Children need experience in taking initiative in sometimes doing unpleasant things. So if your college-age child is going to share an apartment with other people, it helps a lot if you’ve taught your child cleaning the table, washing the dishes, putting them in the dishwasher, cleaning the counter because that is what his or her roommates are going to expect when your little child is now twenty.”

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