Early School Radio Shows — 21 December 2014
Christmas Wish Lists

How to help your child keep their Christmas wish list in check.

Christmas Wish Lists

Turn on any screen at this time of year and chances are your child is being enticed to ask for one thing or another for the holidays. But there are ways to help them keep their wish-lists, and our budgets, in check says child life specialist, Bindy Sweet. “I think the less kids are exposed to TV and the media telling them what to be asking for the more true choice that child’s going to be making and the more influence the parent will have on how that choice goes, what it looks like and how big it gets.”And keeping track of their wishes throughout the year can be helpful. If you’re listening to your child throughout the year, you’re really going to know what deep down inside they really want. “They’ll be less influence by that Christmas advertising that influences them at the last moment. So if you have your ears and eyes open throughout the year, you’re going to know that there’s something that will just be perfect for that particular child come Christmas.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is child life specialist, Bindy Sweet.

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