Exercise Boosts Children’s School Performance

When it comes to higher grades for our children, many parents resort to tutors and longer homework hours, but a better approach might be to increase recess time. Studies show a direct link between more exercise and better school performance.

Studies show that physical exercise enhances brainpower through increased blood flow through the brain. It also stimulates the release of a protein, encouraging the growth of new brain cells and neural connections, important in learning and cognitive processing. And exercise increases memory and attention. Studies on children have shown a correlation between exercise and significant improvement in grades in math, reading and spelling.

Eating properly is also important; foods containing good fats such as Omega-3 and –6 found fish, eggs and seeds appears to be important in the growth of neurons, and can boost a child’s attention and regulate behaviour. Finally, a good night’s sleep enhances memory and learning.

Source: Fenske, M. (2011, Sept. 1) The Globe & Mail, L3

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