Early School Family Life Radio Shows — 01 February 2015
Families & Life Lessons

 How those everyday chores teach our children lessons on life.

Families and Life Lessons

Taking your toddler and preschooler along for everyday chores like banking and shopping can be a great lesson for kids.  Helping out in small ways gives our kids skills that they’ll use throughout their lives, plus it makes them feel rather important. Richard Guare, co-author of Smart But Scattered elaborates. “Those types of everyday experiences are great teachable moments for kids.  Something as simple as when we’re used to opening the doors for them, letting them open the door.  Or in terms of pet care, letting them put some food in the bowl for the pet, or even letting them take over the feeding chores for the pet, or going into the bank and handing the banker some of the paper work. There are many opportunities where we can give kids the chance to interact in a situation, whether it’s with somebody else or with a pet that allow them to become more independent and to want to take on more and more of those tasks.

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Richard Guare, co-author of Smart But Scattered.

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