Family Life Radio Shows Teen — 05 February 2015
Teens, Peers & Family

Peers vs. family.  Who matters most?

Teens, Peers & Family

Once kids hit the preteen and teen years, their peer group seems to matter most.  But Julie Ross, author of How to Hug a Porcupine  says parents need to remember that family is still important, keeping kids grounded as they work their way through the teen years. “I think peers and peer pressure is a big component of what goes on for the tween in today’s world, and I think one of the best thing parents can do is create a home environment that offers the child as much, if not more than the peer environment offers them. “ Julie adds kids will continue to turn to parents, as long as we remain good listeners “The child feels as though the home or the family is place where they can belong to something that is bigger and more important than them, rather than having to gravitate towards their peers which can also be a very unsafe type of belonging because you have to engage in certain activities in order to be accepted. ”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Julie Ross, author of How to Hug a Porcupine.
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