Kids Illness and Work

What to do when you’re child is ill and you have to go to your job

Kids Illness and Work

If there’s one thing you can count on as a parent, it’s that your children will get ill, and often. Young children can get up to ten colds a year, not to mention other bugs. Problem is you still have to go to work.

Ann Douglas, author of The Mother of All Parenting Books says the first thing to ask yourself is “how bad is it?” “When your child is ill, you need to decide when they’re really sick enough that they need to be staying home with you, and when they’re well enough to go to a daycare situation. This is obviously a point you need to talk to your childcare provider about before you’re actually encountering an illness.”

Ann adds that sending them to school or daycare often isn’t appropriate. They’ll feel lousy and just pass the bug around, so have a plan before the inevitable happens. “You need to know in advance how you’re going to cope with that. Do you have a relative that could come into your home and just pinch-hit for a week or two, or do you actually need to talk to your employer about what your would do to get some time off in that situation.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Ann Douglas, author of The Mother of All Parenting.

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