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Lashing Out

What to do when your child lashes out at you.

Lashing Out

When kids are angry or down, they’ll often lash out at mom or dad.  After all, it feels safe to get angry with someone who loves you unconditionally.  Still it’s important for children to know that parents aren’t immune to  stinging words.  Myrna Shure, author of Thinking Parent, Thinking Child, offers these tips on how to handle your kid’s anger. “It’s very tempting to say simply ‘you know, that really hurts me when you talk to me that way”. But when the child is in the heat of emotion, you don’t know if he hears a word that you say and at the time he probably doesn’t care and in fact, maybe lashes out because he wants to hurt you. But if you ask him to tell you, ‘how do you think I feel when you talk to me that way?’, he’s much more likely to think about your feelings and that parents have feelings too. And then we can follow that with ‘can you think of a different way to talk to me so that I won’t feel that way?”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Myrna Shure, author of Thinking Parent, Thinking Child.

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