The important influence others can have on our children’s lives.


It takes a lot of effort to raise kids well.  On top of providing clothIng, food and shelter, we need to guide and teach our children.  But one role that parents don’t need to assume is that of a pal. That’s not to say children don’t need good adult friends who can listen and provide advice explains Linda Kavelin Popov, author of “The Family Virtues Guide”. “I think one of the elements that children desperately need is mentorship.  And often they need it by people who are not in their family.  Especially as young men and women get older, they need a role model other the their parent to tell them stories, listen to their stories, take walks and do things with them. So we need that village mentality.  We need to take children under our wings and volunteer.”

The Parent Report’s Expert guest is Linda Kavelin Popov, author of “The Family Virtues Guide”.

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