Democracy In Families

 Should families be run as a democracy?

Democracy in Families

As parents, it’s tempting to lay down the rules and expect our children to abide by them..  But if we want to raise kids who can think for themselves and express their opinion, then we might want to consider a democratic approach to limit setting.  According to Dr. Ron Clavier, author of “Teen Brain, Teen Mind“, democracy works very well for both parents and kids. “If you run your house by telling our kids ‘this is bedtime, this is how much homework you’re going to do’, you’ll sound like a dictator.  Dictators get overthrown.  It’s better to be a democratic leader, a leader who leads by example, and a leader who suggests, but doesn’t dictate what the rule ought to be. Thius suggested, the rule is now up, as it is in a democracy for discussion and debate and argument, and there’s nothing wrong with discussion and debate and argument because that allows a kid to feel empowered.  So let them be part of the law making process, and they’ll be much better citizens for it.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. David Posen, author of The Little Book of StressRelief.

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