Behavior Early School Radio Shows — 05 November 2015
Preventing Bullying

A few tips on preventing kids from becoming bullies.

Preventing Bullying

Children who insult, push around, exclude, name call or otherwise bully other kids are probably lacking a little discipline and guidance in their own lives. But that’s not to say parents need to be ultra-tough to prevent their child from becoming a bully says Patti Agatston, co-author of “Cyber Bullying”. “Parents who use a more punitive style that includes a lot of physical punishment are more likely to have kids who will use aggressive bullying behaviors as well.  So certainly what we role model has an influence.  And also parents who are very permissive, who give few limits to kids may, in a way, foster a sense of entitlement where kids feel they can do whatever they want and they are entitled to treat people how they wish. What we want to use is an authoritative parenting style which includes freedom within limits, warmth, communication and where the child feels like they can approach the parent if they feel they have a problem.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Patti Agatston, co-author of “Cyber Bullying”.

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