Development Early School Radio Shows — 11 November 2015
Why Friends Matter

How friendship teaches kids important life lessons.

Why Friends Matter

Ask a kid what’s so great about having friends and they’ll probably say “friends are fun”.   They’re right.  But learning to socialize and get a long with others will also fare our children well throughout their lives.  Whether it’s in marriage or work, friendship and social skills matters on many levels, as Harriet Mosatche, author of “Where Should I Sit at Lunch” explains. “Kids need to start exploring what does it mean to really have a true friendship, when does it really work and when does it not work, and when do you need to let it go? How to have friendships, maintain them, and how to make friends are all important life skills because that’s what you will be doing the rest of your life.   If you can get along with friends, you can probably get along with co-workers and your supervisor and your subordinate.  Plus having friends is a way to reduce stress.  Those are people you will turn to again and again.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Harriet Mosatche, author of “Where Should I Sit at Lunch.”

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