Why Kids Need Healthy Breakfasts

Why serving your child a healthy breakfast is a must.

Healthy Breakfasts

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and no wonder. Most children will have gone a full ten or more hours without food by the time breakfast comes along. As well, breakfast helps the brain get in gear for a long day at school explains Daina Kalnins, registered dietician and co-author of Better Food For Kids. “Starting off the day right and having a good day at school, breakfast is key. And a good breakfast includes some form of protein, because its an energy source that will last them a bit longer a good carbohydrate source that will not just give them a sugar rise but will last them longer, so here we’re talking fruits and whole grains things like that. And of course the fluid: kids and adults need to be drinking more and if we start off the day by drinking some water and having the milk and then continuing to drink during the day, you’re assured that you’re going to be hydrated.”

daina kalninsThe Parent Report’s guest expert is Daina Kalnins, a registered dietician and author of Better Food For Kids.

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