Early School Radio Shows Safety — 23 December 2015
Ice Safety

What every parent must consider when skating outdoors with kids.

Ice Safety

Ice skating is a wonderful winter activity for families. It’s fun, great exercise and if you’re lucky enough to skate on a pond, river or lake, it’s a perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors. However skating on ponds, river and lakes requires extra caution such as wearing a helmet and checking the ice, says Pamela Fuselli, Executive Director of SafeKids Canada. “Around ice safety, parents need to be very vigilant around the thickness and the secureness of the ice. It’s recommended that you don’t go on ice that’s less than eight inches thick, and to be aware that when we have quick thaws in the middle of the season that it significantly weakens the ice. So be very, very careful when going out onto the ice to skate or walk.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is family life instructor Pamela Fuselli, Executive Director of SafeKids Canada.

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