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Need for Extended Family

A look at the changing role of the extended family.

Need for Extended Family

Who do you turn to for advice or a little help for raising your kids?  If you’re like most of us, it’s probably not a close relative like an aunt, uncle or grandparent.  With today’s families  scattered across the country, the extended family is in many ways a thing of the past.  And this isn’t exactly a great thing for parents or kids, says Carl Honoré, author of “Under Pressure.” “I think the fact that the extended family has vanished is a big part o fthe is parental anxiety because in the old days you had granny around, you had grandfather, you had uncles and aunts and they had been through the parenting experience and they could bring some of those old wisdoms and truths to the table. But nowadays we parent very much alone, in isolation and it can be very disconcerting because you are never sure about what you are doing.  I think it’s a shame that we’ve lost that link to the bigger family because it’s one of the benefits of having people around to trade stories with and take advice from.”


The Parent Report’s Expert guest is Carl Honoré, author of “Under Pressure.”

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