Radio Shows — 13 December 2017
Over-hyping Christmas

How to keep the holiday season in perspective.

Hyped Up Christmas

There is so much pressure to have the perfect Christmas, from the food, to the décor to the gifts we give and receive. Often we really try to live up to an ideal that just isn’t attainable and it can lead to disappointment for the entire family, especially for kids says Child Life Specialist, Bindy Sweet.

“Children really do get hyped up and there’s so much comparison when they go to school and it’s such a big deal. If we could make less of a big deal of it, we’d all be more comfortable with it.  Christmas can be disappointing for adults just as much as it is for kids because we all get our expectations up so high of what we want to get out of the Christmas season. So I would say, keep it low-key, casual and comfortable and maybe the disappointments won’t be so disappointing.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Child Life Specialist, Bindy Sweet.

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