Early School Radio Shows — 18 December 2017
Pets as Gifts

Is the holiday season the right time to give a pet as gift?

Pets as Gifts`

Finding an adorable kitten or puppy underneath the Christmas tree seems so picture perfect.  But the holiday season really isn’t the time to bring little Fluffy or Fido into the household – after all there’s already a lot of stress to deal with explains Ann Douglas, author of The Mother of All Toddler Books. “It’s very important to avoid introducing a new pet to the family at a very busy time of the year like during the holiday season because you just can’t give your pet the kind of time and attention that they deserve.  They need time to settle into their surroundings and you can’t give them that time and you can’t give it if you’re busy heading out the door to go to Gramma’s for the day.  So do your pet and your children a favour and delay that pet purchase until into the New Year when you’re really sure that you want to add a pet permanently into the family.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Ann Douglas, author of The Mother of All Toddler Books.

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