About The Parent Report Radio Show

The Parent Report

With each new baby comes an anxious parent with countless questions!

Answering those questions is The Parent Report, a radio feature devoted to meeting the needs of today’s parents. Hosted by broadcast journalist, Joanne Wilson, each 60-second report turns to top child-care specialists to pass on their advice. Each report features a leading doctor, family worker or recognized specialist in any given field to help shed light on topics of concern to today’s parents.

Since 1990, The Parent Report radio show has provided objective and useful information to help parents deal with life’s most rewarding challenge . . . raising their children! The Parent Report. When we talk kids, parents listen.

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Joanne Wilson, Host of The Parent Report.

Joanne Wilson has worked as a writer, announcer, interviewer and producer in the broadcast industry for more than 25 years. Over the last two decades, her nationally syndicated radio programs have been heard by millions of listeners.

You can find Joanne on Linkedin or visit Radio for Real Life to see the rest of her shows. A website for her other show, @Work Radio, contains lighthearted advice for those of us in the working world.