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Chicken Pox

A look at why the chicken pox vaccination is worth it for your child effort.

Chicken Pox

Just a generation ago, having chickenpox was pretty much a passage of childhood. Now, with the chicken pox vaccine, that doesn’t have to be the case. Still some may wonder why vaccinate for such a mild disease? Dr. Monica Naus, with the BC Center for Disease Control explains that there’s good reason. “Chicken pox can be a mild disease but the average child with chicken pox will have 400 blisters all over their body, so even a child who doesn’t develop serious complications to chicken pox can have a very uncomfortable disease and they’ll be ill for about five days.”And chicken pox can have some very serious complications. “One of the most prominent ones is group A streptococcus. Some people know that a flesh eating bacteria and we know that individuals with chicken pox are about 50 times the risk of developing Group A infection and that can be a very serious outcome of chicken pox.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Monica Naus, with the BC Center for Disease Control.

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