Baby Development Radio Shows Sleep — 05 June 2012
Newborn Sleep Patterns and Habits

Why your newborn baby just can’t sleep through the night.

Newborn Sleep Patterns

Parents are often surprised how much their newborn babies sleep, often as much as 16 hours a day in the first months. While they may sleep a lot, they can wake all hours of the day and night because their little tummies need more food, and trying to change that is pretty much impossible says Mark Lewis co-author of Bed Timing. ”The first two and a half months or so is probably not a very good time for any form of sleep training.”

Mark adds that “during that time (babies) have to find their own cycles and have to become physiologically regulated, their nervous system has to hook up and hook up with the nervous system of the mother or caregiver. They don’t have any sense of day and night at least until about two and a half, three or four months, so that’s an important system to become established within their nervous system before you can start to tune it. It’s a good time to let nature to take its course and to go with the flow.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Marc Lewis, an expert in the field of neuroscience and author of Bed Timing.

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