The Importance of Allowances

How allowances provide our kids with more than just a little spending money.


Allowances. It’s something every parent will eventually have to come to terms with because sooner or later every kid will want to have a few of their own pennies to rub together. According to Barbara Coloroso, author of Kids Are Worth It, the sooner a child begins receiving an allowance the better. But Barbara warns parents may be asking for trouble if they give their kids an allowance in payment for doing household chores pointing out that, “I don’t attach money and chores. I also want children to feel that they are an important member of the family and that they are counted on to do chores. Parents will often say, ‘if I don’t pay my child they won’t do it.’ I say that you’re upping the ante.

It’s all about establishing rules around allowances, Barbara says. “Eventually you’ll have an eleven year old that you’ll ask to dump the trash and he’ll say ‘I’ve got enough money to go to the movies. Gramma gave me 10 bucks.’ When they work outside the home they will be paid, but inside the home we’re all expected to work this out together.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Barbara Coloroso, internationally renowned authority on parenting and author of Kids Are Worth It .

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